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Digital Bulletin Boards

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Digital Bulletin Boards organize your messages on an unlimited canvas while eliminating cluttered walls. Scrolling text, flash animation and video is instantly updated systen-wide to save staff hours of time posting flyers. Maximize your investment using pre-programmed messages, alerts and avacuation maps to broadcast safety procedures.


Companies that use digital signage in their corporate offices communicate more effectively with employes and visitiors alike. While distributing messages to large numbers of personnel can be difficult logistically. Digital Bulletin Board make it easier to streamline these efforts and insure that everyone is on the same page.


We Optimum Technology now provides the complete solution of digital bulletin board from hardware to software. Our dedicated team of professional can assist you to fulfill your needs to achieve best results for your campaign.



Advantages of Digital Bulletin Board?


•  Display announcements, news and information on any screen.


•  Easily make changes to existing announcements, or quickly

   add a  new one.


•  Schedule announcements to different displays, allowing only

   information to reach the appropriate audience, i.e. employee

   news in  the employee lounge display.


•  Use animation, video, or plain text to get your message across.


•  Instant streaming news and announcement.


•  Built to be used for 24/7.
































With our digital sigange software you can also manage mutiple screens from one central location and update your announcement, videos, slides etc in real time. In below diagram you can easily understand how 11 screens of differnt branches connected and operated from one central location (Head Office) through our digital signage software and hardware.








We provide our customers with necessary solutions on a real-time-basis and doing its best to fully satisfy them. Please contact us or send us an inquiry to discuss your needs.

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