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Media Players

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What is Media Player


Digital signage media players are not to be confused with software media players, like Windows Media Player or Real Player that come loaded on your PC - rather, they are outboard hardware boxes. Media players for digital signage are the mechanisms that drive and support the content seen on the flat screens in retail stores, menu boards, billboards and other applications.


Media players are equipped with high-end video cards that store and run digital content. Although the concept for media player seems simple, they can differ greatly. For example, some may run on Linux while others run on XP or Microsoft Embedded operating systems. There also is a difference between solid-state players and those with rotating disk drives. Media players with rotating disk drives require the use of internal fans and must be used in ventilated areas. Consequently, they are considered by some in the industry to be less reliable than solid-state players with no moving parts.




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