Indoor Digital Poster

Display Type: Indoor
Resolution: FHD/UHD
Connectivity: Ethernet & Wifi
Brightness: Upto 700
Operation Hours: 24/7
Audio: Built-in-Speaker
Avaiable Size: 32, 42, 55 & 65 inches
Content: Images, Videos,  Applications
Customization: Color, Shape & Material (Stainless steel, M/S Steel, Aluminum, Korian & MDF)

Indoor Digital Poster

Optimum’s digital poster stands feature a modern design combined with a simple “plug & play” feature. Unlike print advertisements, these merchandisers draw more attention with LED backlit images, slideshows, and video — as well as audio. Plug & play digital posters with built-in speakers will appeal to prospective customers even more effectively. That’s why Optimum’s digital posters are often used to stand out from the crowd in busy areas like malls and convention halls.


  • Increase overall sales by alerting potential customers to new products, services, special offers and forthcoming events.
  • Increase sales per customer by cross-selling and up-selling.
  • Attract attention in busy service, leisure and retail environments.
  • Instantaneously promote short-dated products or services.
  • Make instantaneous changes to promotions, pricing, availability, waiting times, etc.
  • Experiment with short-term promotions.
  • Use vibrant images and video to make your product or service look irresistible.
  • Reduce design, printing & distribution costs.
  • Engage, entertain and educate customers.
  • Use interactive screens & kiosks to enable customers to visualise your product or service, to pre-register or pre-order products/services, to educate, to entertain and to reinforce your brand or message.

Our commercial use high definition digital advertising displays are built to withstand use in any public space. Strong tempered glass, tough metal casing and anti-theft locks protect our screens from 24/7 usage. Pair this with fully programme software and plug and play technology makes our displays the leading digital advertising solution.