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SMD/LED Videowall

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Indoor SMD LED Videowall

Indoor SMD/LED Videowall


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Outdoor SMD LED Videowall

Outdoor SMD/LED Videowall


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SMD LED Digital Poster

SMD/LED Digital Poster


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Transparent SMD LED Videowall

Transparent SMD/LED Videowall


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Optimum Technology is offering LED based solutions for Commercial and as well as Public environments. Indoor LED displays are widely used as screens for the use of LED video walls, or for indoor concerts. It can also be used as screens for movie theaters, cinemas and auto-cinemas, like the mega IMAX theatre screens. These type of electronic LED screens are always very high quality and the resolution is much higher than a normal outdoor electronic LED display screen. But because the quality of indoor LED display screens for the interior are much higher, the price per square meter is also much more than a normal outdoor LED display screen.

  • High Refresh Frequency, high grey level, no dithering while displaying videos, can be used for Live TV program.

  • Even after prolonged use, the LED display can also maintain a perfect picture quality, white balance reappearance and adequate brightness.

  • Specialized structure provides feasibility of various mounting method such as: front maintain mounting, stack mounting, hang mounting, fixed mounting etc.

  • Good performance in Color uniformity, large view angle, high brightness, low fault rate and easy for maintaining.Good performance in Color uniformity, large view angle, high brightness, low fault rate and easy for maintaining.


LED display is made up of two parts: Main LED panel which is composed by several LED display units(Led cabinet or LED panel) that can be connected together. This part is the main body of the LED display. Another part is the controller. The controller can also be divided into two parts: Control board (hardware) and control system (software). The control board includes the sending card, receiving card and the computer.

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