The problem… you have a meeting / presentation where multiple users (maybe on different platforms), need to share their content onto the central screen.
The solution… present from multiple devices using Optimum’s iShare Wireless Presentation System.

Using Optimum’s iShare, solves the problem of individuals using their own device to present their content, with all the uncertainties of display connector types.

Meetings should be so easy. Team members should be able to watch presentations, share their own content to the screen and switch easily between a varieties of sources. In reality, it rarely works this way. The cables often won’t reach across the board room and connecting to the monitor is rarely painless. It’s a mess and a huge time waster.

iShare makes it so simple. A transmitter attaches to any laptop (or tablet) that wants to present. The wireless receiver puts the image on screen in resolutions up to 4K. It’s a great idea and it’s done very smartly, with great picture quality and very low latency.

  • Ensures Quick Access And Easy Setup
  • Supports BYOD Friendly Businesses
  • Declutters Conference Rooms
  • Encourages Collaboration Between Attendees