Digital Bulletin Boards organize your messages on an unlimited canvas while eliminating cluttered walls, scrolling text, flash animation and video in instantly updated system-wide to save staff hours of time posting flyers. Maximize your investment using pre-programmed messages, alerts and evacuation map to broadcast safety procedures.

Optimum Technology now provides the complete solution of a digital bulletin board from hardware to software. Our team of dedicated professionals can assist you to fulfill your needs to achieve the best results for your campaign.

Bulletin Board for Corporate Communication

Companies that use digital signage in their corporate offices communicate more effectively with employees and visitors alike. While distributing messages to large numbers of personnel can be difficult logistically. Digital Bulletin Board make it easier to streamline these efforts and insure that everyone is on the same page.

Bulletin Board for Education Campus

Students have an interest in a range of topics that could include everything from their psychology professor’s office hours to today’s lunch options. What’s the best way to disseminate that information without overwhelming people? Digital bulletin boards answers the call.

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