Selfie Poster

Display Type:LCD
Camera:HD Images
Connectivity:Ethernet & Wifi
Brightness:Upto 700
Operation Hours:24/7
Avaiable Size:32, 42, 55 & 65 inches
Content:Images, Videos,  Applications
Customization:Color, Shape and Material (Stainless steel, M/S Steel, Aluminum, Korian and MDF)


Get your event started with a unique of kind experience of selfie Poster! Capture your valuable moments and make it everlasting. Optimum’s Selfie Poster will be the perfect addition to any of your special event.

Digital Selfie Poster can be used in events like weddings and parties, it can support your commercial activities too.

Optimum’s Digital Selfie Poster bring together the very best photo and social media technology to create a memorable user experience for your customers and visitors. We are specialists in the photo vending market and have selected our Selfie Poster products for their quality, reliability and unique offerings.

Offering the latest in social media and selfie printing, the Selfie Poster offers the opportunity to print photos from any device or social media, take selfies and create photo magnets and photo calendars.

Our Selfie Poster combines sleek retro-styling with reliability and unique marketing options.

  • Ideal for Museums, Zoos, Aquariums and other tourist destinations.
  • An entertaining and affordable souvenir.
  • Pair any booth style with a custom output of your choice.

A powerful all-inclusive indoor/outdoor signage solution featuring an embedded power box