Optimum multi touch software solution is now offers Custom Touch Screen Software Development Services. Create interactive, multi-touch applications for any screen size, any environment, or any situation. We specialize in custom touch screen software with use-cases ranging from interactive Kiosks & Wayfinding, to Medical, Military, & Industrial applications. With custom touch screen software that is designed for your specific needs, we can truly deliver any experience you imagine.

Easily customizable touch screen software via the eye-active Online for all – as well as individually developed Multitouch software according to your requirements. Deployable on all interactive touch screen systems. For effective interactive digital signage at point of sale, information, entertainment and collaboration.

  • Software for all Touch Screens
    For all Multitouch screens, tables, walls, steles and kiosks.
  • Interactive signage software
    E.g. for point of sale, infotainment and collaboration
  • Leading software technologies
    Unlimited multi-touch, multi-user and object recognition
  • Custom software development
    Individual Multitouch software according to your specifications