Self Order Kiosk

Display Type:Touch Screen
Connectivity:Ethernet & Wifi
Brightness:up to 700 nits
POS Machine:Yes
Card/Currency Reader:Yes
Operation hours:24/7
Available Size:21, 32, 43 and 55 inches
Content:Images, Videos, Applications
CustomizationColor, Shape and Material (Stainless steel, M/S Steel, Aluminum, Korian and MDF)

Interactive 43 Inch Self Order/Service Kiosk

Nowadays, as smart technology develops, more and more interactive displays are applied in public places like shopping malls, banks, restaurants, hospitals… All these smart interactive machines help to improve human beings’ living convenience.

This restaurants smart interactive ordering machines make the possibility of customer self-service, customer can pay by themselves via the POS machines, and print receipt afterwards. And sellers do not need to employ many waiters thus to lower operating costs.

Self Order Kiosk is a high value Point-of-Sale (POS) hardware solution designed to fulfill your POS hardware requirements. The quiet fanless design offers low power consumption and minimal maintenance. To reduce maintenance time and costs it comes with a removable HDD, MSR, fingerprint and VFD kit. The DC-12V output provides sufficient power for a second display from the POS terminal, as well as providing better cable routing and high-integration. The small footprint is ideal for installations where space is limited.

The VESA mounting design of the Display Head, is only 100x100mm and provides an option for wall-mounting when detached from its stand. It is also spill resistant and offers a high degree of integration for POS peripherals, thereby ensuring continuous operation in restaurant and retail conditions.


Bank card readerSupport bank cards including magnetic card and IC card
Rfid card readerSupport contactless IC card
Passport scannerSupport identify passport, Citizen ID card
Encrypted metal keypad3DES encryption, Security certification of Union pay card terminal, with anti-spy cover
Receipt printerThermal, 80mm, remind out of paper function. auto cutter
Bill printerDot matrix printer, 76mm, remind out of paper function. auto cutter
Cash acceptorMulti-denomination recognition, four-way banknote insertion, build-in one cash unit with capacity of 1200 bank notes
CameraWide-angle camera,anti-explosion exclusive camera for ATM
UPS powerSupport PC working in standby model for more than 10 minutes
Door control moduleUnauthorized door open action will turn on the alarm, and the alarm information can be uploaded by internet