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OPTIMUM Technology is a next gen digital Signage company that aims to engage consumers in an unforgettable experience. OPTIMUM offers a new variety of Digital Signage Solution like Video Walls (Multiple LCD/LED video wall, Indoor & outdoor SMD LED walls, and Micro Tiles walls), Digital Bulletin Board solutions for corporate communication and information, Digital Menu Boards for Quick service restaurants, interactive display solutions, Interactive Floor, Interactive Wall, Multi-Touch Video Walls, Multi-touch Kiosks, Multi-touch Tables and Multi-touch Digital posters, Front and Rear Projection Films and screens, 3D projection Mapping, Holographic images and virtual presenter, 3D displays and 3D content creation, Digital posters, Transparent displays, boxes and refrigerators.


OPTIMUM is fast becoming synonymous with engaged audience as companies around the world try to get their digital messages across in today’s ah-so-busy communication world. At OPTIMUM, we trust in effective and unique experiences that leave long lasting brand impressions and are reflected in the brand-recall of our customers. Innovation forms the core of our organization and chances are, we will be working together in forming never-before-seen footage for your targeted audience.


We manufacture both technology and equipment that enables organizations to involve their audience instantly by providing an interactive world. We design and create, for both firms and individuals, innovative products. Our products are useful in trade shows, retail stores, presentation centres, corporate showrooms, lounges, billboards, museums and more. From floors to walls to tables and phones, we have developed applications that attract consumers by opening a world that they themselves can explore, well, your world that is!


OPTIMUM has experienced teams working on research, content & application design, production, sales. Our approach is dynamic. We have a keen eye for detailing and our results are quality oriented.


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